Pro Cylinder Head Service Valve Spring Compressor Removal Installer

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This complete service tool kit comes with everything you need to remove and install the valve spring with the cylinder head on or off the OHV & OHC gasoline or diesel engine. It is also perfect for removal of valve stem seals on overhead camshaft engines. This is an ideal kit for most foreign & domestic engines!!!

The multi-point adjustable base of this tool bolts securely to the head while the adjustable lever mechanism pivots from the bar thus compressing the spring. Quick removal and installation of the spring retaining keepers are then easily accomplished through the large openings on both sides of the compression tube.

Valve pliers reach down around the valve stem into the confined areas of the seal to grip it for removal / installation. Knurled ends on the adapters / handles and sockets give you maximum grip in oily conditions. This tool set allows the removal of stem oil seals squarely without any damage to the springs. The precision machined seal driving adapters guide the seal for proper setting. All tools are manufactured from quality steel for strength and durability and neatly packed in a sturdy case for easy transport.

  • Applicable for OHV & OHC gasoline or diesel engines of the following Cars:
  • Audi (4 and 5 cylinder);BMW; Chevrolet; Chrysler; Ford; GMC; Honda; Hyundai; Infiniti
  • Lexus; Lincoln; Mazda; Mitsubishi; Nissan; Porsche (924, 928);Saturn; Toyota; Volvo; VW Volkswagen (4, 5, 6 cylinder)
  • Most other engines with accessible valve springs.
  • Set includes:
  • 1 Compressed air connection rigidly to screw into the spark plug threads M14 or M18
  • 1 Compressed air connection hose, flexible to screw into the spark plug threads M14 or M18, length 1'
  • 1 Diesel injector adapter M24
  • 4 Compressed air connection fittings for the most common compressed air systems
  • Round rod for low-holder, length 1' 8", diameter 0.59"
  • Traverses holder for a round rod with 7 positioning holes
  • Valve spring pressure pad, diameter 0.87", length 5.3"
  • Pressure lever to tighten the valve springs with 5 positioning holes
  • Mounting screws and pins
  • Magnetic tools for assembly and disassembly of the valve keys, length 8.3"
  • 2 Valve stem seal pliers: Straight pliers, length 10.6" and Curved pliers, length 10.6"
  • Mounting adapter in diameters 0.2", 0.24", 0.28", 0.32", 0.39" and 0.45", M16 knurled
  • Female extension 5.1" for deep-seated valves
  • 30 Day Return & Refund
  • 2-Year Protection


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Pro Cylinder Head Service Valve Spring Compressor Removal Installer
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